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This Issue—Volume 1, 2008

In our first issue of the year, we would like to take a moment to thank all of you for an excellent year and wish you our best for a happy and prosperous 2008. We would also like to share some major changes we are making as a company in the upcoming year.

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Aptium Global Inc. Redux

The past year was promising for Aptium Global. The company has grown by nearly 30 percent, and we have completed many challenging engagements, including some exciting global sourcing projects. We were on the road with as part of their Fusion road show, and we were the first to host a well-attended webinar covering the recent VAT changes out of China. More important, we continued identifying and implementing cost savings programs for our clients. For those of you with whom we have had the pleasure to work, we thank you for another great year!

Now that Aptium has been in operation for three and a half years, we recently decided it was time to step back and analyze the business to figure out effective ways to reach more of you. We started by analyzing where our business came from, who we sold projects to, and what types of inbound calls we regularly received. What we discovered was quite startling. We’ve listed these surprising findings below.

Reaching Purchasing Managers More Effectively

One hundred percent of our business comes from referrals. It never came from cold calls, lead generation efforts, or direct marketing … only from existing relationships. While this fact may not be any great a-ha, it does have ramifications for our business. After further thought and analysis, we then acknowledged what we have known for some time—that purchasing managers, buyers, sourcing specialists, COO’s and most directors of sourcing are not the main buyers of our services. However, as we analyze our database of folks who read Gunpowder and individuals who contact us, we realize that many of our readers are precisely these people. This caused us to re-think both our service offerings and how we can reach more of you.

We learned our final lesson from an analysis of our inbound calls. Since Stuart and I were once non-ferrous metals traders, it’s no surprise to see that nearly all of these calls relate to metals. Aptium is known for helping companies save money on the most mundane and the most complex metals-related purchases. From heat treat services and grinding media to complex medical device castings, forgings, and nuclear components, we have sourced the gambit of metals products and services—and our inbound calls continue to come from those who identify us with metals-related sourcing.

So where does that leave us? It has made me scratch my head, to be truthful. Why are we not reaching more folks in the purchasing and procurement areas? I have my own hunches, but let’s suffice it to say that I don’t want to be selling only to the presidents or CEO’s of companies.

Introducing MetalMiner

Thus, we launched a new blog this December dedicated to metals sourcing, available online at Unlike other metals trade publications or online services, MetalMiner is geared toward sourcing professionals tasked with managing commodity volatility, global sourcing, cost avoidance, and supplier continuity for any of their metals and other metals-related services spend. Our goal with MetalMiner is to provide more than the metals-related news that you can continue to read on AMM. Instead, MetalMiner offers the insight to make sourcing decisions based on our experience.

Low-Cost Web Based Sourcing Tools

In addition to the MetalMiner site, we also plan to offer several sourcing tools as web services. Forget about ERP and hosted software, because that is not where we are heading. We intend to offer low-cost tools that any company sourcing metals-related products or services can use. Some of these tools relate to global pricing information that’s not available anywhere on the web today—stay tuned for our first offering in Q1 2008—and some tools will be made available from our consultant’s tool belt.

Finally, and perhaps most interesting to some of you, we are in the initial stages of putting together a buying group for metals-related products for middle market firms. If you are interested in learning more about this, drop us an email. Look for a survey tool on in January with additional details.

Core Services

Aptium will continue to offer core cost reduction services across direct material spend categories in 2008, but our primary focus will remain metals categories where we know the results we can achieve our second to none. Quite often in our cost reduction projects we find that the results come from areas that include but also go beyond unit cost savings and global sourcing. These include design re-engineering, materials substitution, lean / inventory reduction, and global trading and logistics. We will offer these services on both a pay-as-you-save™ basis, allowing companies to fund the costs for our services out of the savings they generate, as well as fixed fee projects for those that want to lock-in fees upfront.

As always, we welcome your input and feedback. We hope to see more of you in the near future.

Until then, Happy New Year!

Lisa Reisman is Managing Director of Aptium Global where he leads the firm's practice
in North America.



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