Aptium Global, Inc. works with manufacturers of all sizes to help them identify and implement cost savings that fall to the bottom line. It is not enough to lower the piece part price if it involves reducing quality standards, or adding costs elsewhere. With a primary emphasis on metals and metals services categories, Aptium delivers contingency based category support, expert consulting services, global sourcing services and ongoing project management support.

Our international team uses Six Sigma and lean techniques as part of our core offering. In addition, we use a variety of strategic sourcing methodologies to identify purchasing cost reduction opportunities and to create competitive negotiation environments with incumbent and new suppliers. At the same time, Aptium delivers a range of implementation and logistics capabilities to help clients realize identified savings opportunities without adding headcount or internal cost.

Organizations looking to improve their global sourcing practices can work with us on a pay-as-you-save™ basis, minimizing impact on cash flow and maximizing impact on the bottom line.


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