Case studies

Generated a $500,000+ savings for a cast grinding media category through a global sourcing initiative. Results achieved despite a 30 year historic high on the raw material, a negative change in tax treatment from the country of export, low labor content in the product and a rising exchange rate. Savings came by identifying multiple competitive suppliers, electricity benchmarking and the development of a detailed total landed cost model.

Saved a $25m automotive component supplier $195k annually on a heavy stamping program. Conducted supply market research, developed competitive on-line bid strategy and implemented savings.

Developed a comprehensive direct material bid strategy for a $50m maker of industrial tube forming equipment. Generated over $350k annually in implemented savings.

Generated in excess of $160k annually or 20+% savings on the value add portion of a metal strips category for an automotive supplier. Stripped out the base metal price from value-add premiums; introduced half a dozen qualified suppliers to the process and conducted sealed bid event.

Implemented a “China-direct” sourcing strategy for mattress innersprings for a $5m mattress manufacturer. Eliminated non-value added middlemen and saved the company $250k annually.

Drove 63% cost savings for motors for a global middle market manufacturer by identifying an alternative low cost range. Led engineering efforts to assess the alternatives, assisted in transition to new supplier and implemented savings.

Negotiated $156k annual savings from an incumbent supplier for linear guide rails. Created competitive event, negotiated new pricing with incumbent, and implemented new contract pricing.

Identified first-time printed circuit board savings of over 20% for an automotive component supplier. Savings achieved during an escalating raw materials market.

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