Aptium Global regularly publishes white papers and case studies
(and reports on the findings of our survey research). Our recently published pieces include the following:

So how do manufacturers make the move offshore? Our research and experience suggest that for more complex goods, the most effective strategies often involve a phased approach over a longer time period, perhaps even years rather than moving all sourcing offshore in one step. How does this work in practice? This article provides a hypothetical case study to transition toward global sourcing. Download PDF of this short article.
You only have to crack open the cover of any major business magazine to realize that Low Cost Country Sourcing (LCCS) has become the current centerpiece of most cost reduction strategy discussions. But is it right for small to medium sized companies? While global sourcing, from China or elsewhere, clearly presents opportunities for companies in the manufacturing sector, many of these opportunities also bring significant risks. This piece describes the benefits and risks of global sourcing and provides key strategies for overcoming the risks. Download PDF of full whitepaper.
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